The Media & Gun Control Lobby Assists the Establishment Parties to Implode!

It is now official. Lever action shotguns with a capacity of more than 5 rounds have now been categorized as Cat D firearms by COAG.   We all knew that none of the politicians would go out on a limb and stand up to the anti-gun establishment media, gun control groups and the police that are driving this agenda.  It sure does stink and it is a bad deal for shooters. Policy created with no evidence to support it is always a bad idea, and always will be.
The outcomes of the COAG meeting today reinforces the fact that establishment no longer represents the will of the people.  They represent the media and special interest groups instead, and this will be their undoing.

I can just see Sam Lee and Samantha Maiden heading to the pub for a few celebratory drinks this afternoon after this outcome. (Lets just hope Samantha M doesn’t decide to drive home drunk and get caught again!) They wont be celebrating for long. They are too stupid to realize that they are helping fuel the anti-establishment sentiment that is spreading across the globe and Australia is in no way insulated from it.

The world is changing and the old guard are losing control. Brexit. Trump. Orange by-election.  Are the establishment to thick to realize what’s going on?

Cheer up! It’s not all doom and gloom! We have a very good reason to smile.

Us law abiding gun owners have a lot to look forward to.  We will vote out establishment politicians and we will have parliaments around Australia that will have many many more pro-gun politicians.

The big winners from today are the Liberal Democrats, Katters Australian Party, Shooters Fishers & Farmers and of course, One Nation.

It’s important for everyone to remember that the NFA is a non binding agreement. Gun laws are created and amended at a state level and the Feds have zero say in the matter. Expect states with large numbers of pro-gun politicians to start moving away from the outdated and overly repressive NFA.

The people have had enough, time to tell them to f*ck off!

I predict that Queensland will be the first state to reject the NFA and start building properly researched evidence based policy, rather than the cobbled together emotionally driven crap that we have now.  Other states will follow suit.

This is going to be a great thing for Australia and it’s one million licensed gun owners.  Not only will we have some real representation and better gun laws, it will also trigger GCA and hack journalists like Samantha Maiden and the rest of the progressive left virtue signalling idiots (ie. The Project, The Guardian etc). We can then sit back and laugh at their sorry arses as they appear on “triggered Social Justice Warrior compiliations” on YouTube.

I’m beginning to chuckle already!


Knee-Jerk Politics, Lies and the Adler Shotgun

Once again, the farce that is COAG (Council of Australian Governments) is meeting in Canberra this Friday to try and find a classification for the much hyped and lied about shotgun, the Adler A110 7 shot version. At the previous COAG meeting, a consensus couldn’t be reached.

At the previous COAG meeting, it has been reported that all but one state wanted the Adler reclassified to category D.
The New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant, rejected the general consensus, primarily because they were about to contest a state by-election in the seat of Orange and they did not want to upset their political base.  It seems the base was already upset as Shooters Fishers and Farmers were successful in getting their candidate across the line. Now that the by-election is over, it has now been reported that Troy Grant has back-flipped on the issue and will support the ban on the Adler.

The National’s loss of the Orange by-election in NSW has shown just how vulnerable the party is. Anti-establishment sentiment is certainly rising in Australia and in a very short time, it will shock the entrenched politicians more than they realize. Only a fool would go in to this weeks COAG meeting recommending restricting the Adler shotgun.  I will call it right here, right now. If Troy Grant gives in to the other states, they can kiss government goodbye and the SFF will gain the National Party vote.

A similar story will result in Queensland. If the LNP do not pressure their state counterparts into rejecting the Cat D classification of the Adler, they will be decimated at the polls. Expect Katter’s Australian Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to claim between 12 – 18 seats.  The LNP members representing the city electorates will never form government again without entering into a coalition or agreement with KAP & One Nation.

The whole issue could have been avoided if the 7 shot Adler was allowed into the country in the same manner as the thousands already here. A simple statement stating that it fits within the current NFA (same as the IAC models already available) and there is no need to change any existing laws.  The “so called” conservatives are committing political suicide over an extra two rounds in an ordinary shotgun.

Two Rounds – Enough to Destroy Your Political Base!

This whole saga is a classic example of “knee-jerk politics”, based on some lies and emotional statements from the gun control lobby.  We have heard the common words: “high power” and “rapid fire” (a.k.a. lies) used to garner emotional support. The gun control lobby must be thinking they have won a big fight here, however their actions are systematically destroying one of the political alliances that has always supported their calls.
Governments stacked full of pro-gun members from SFF, KAP and One Nation are going to be extremely hostile to the gun grabbers.  No amount of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation cash will help them!
Most shooters don’t even want to purchase an Adler but they will stand by and defend the right of those what wish to. Shooters are making a stand and pledge that we will actively lobby against and never support any politician that wishes to further restrict firearms ownership in this country.

Please click this link and follow the instructions to take action.

Article originally published at and reproduced with permission from the author.

They’re at it again…

It’s time to stand up & fight!

This Friday our Premiers will vote on whether to ban lever action shotguns with greater than 5 shot capacity. This could very well be the thin edge of the wedge in regard to future firearm legislation.

There are one million licensed firearm owners in Australia and every one of you need to make your voice heard by emailing the Prime Minister, your State Premier and your local member.

It’s never been so important to act. Your voice truly matters. You can choose to do nothing or you can choose to fight for the future of your preferred pastime.

Start emailing now and encourage every shooter you know to do the same. Let’s not just let this happen without a fight!!

What can you do?

Step 1.
Email the Prime MinisterCLICK HERE

Step 2.
Email and socialise with your state Premier
Queensland (Annastacia Palaszczuk) - CLICK HERE

New South Wales (Mike Baird) - CLICK HERE

Victoria (Daniel Andrews) - CLICK HERE

South Australia (Jay Weatherill) - CLICK HERE

Western Australia (Colin Barnett) - CLICK HERE
Click here for their TWITTERINSTAGRAM

Tasmania (Will Hodgman) - CLICK HERE
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ACT (Andrew Barr) - CLICK HERE

Northern Territory (Michael Gunner) - CLICK HERE
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Step 3.
Email and socialise with your local member
To find your local member – Click HERE
PDF of all local members – Click HERE


Gun Reclassifications In Australia are Coming – Prepare to Stand and Fight!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated today that the ban on lever actions shotguns with a capacity of over 5 rounds would remain in place until there was a satisfactory reclassification of the guns by COAG.

Now we know why we haven’t been able to get a response with our freedom of information requests regarding the NFA review.  It’s no longer a dark government conspiracy, it’s a reality. We don’t know the full extent of their plans and whether or not they plan to expand the reclassifications to other firearms/action types.  Be warned, these unelected bureaucrats would get great pleasure in taking more than just Adler shotguns away.

Sorry, the government doesn’t trust you enough to allow you 2 extra shells

News of the reclassification came when opposition leader Bill Shorten accused the PM of using gun control as a political plaything after Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm wished to see the import ban removed in exchange for his support vote on the ABCC bill to go before the senate.

Bill Shorten doesn’t seem to mind using the rights of law abiding gun owners as a political plaything. He is buying into the con that Australian gun control has been a huge success when in reality, it’s been a billion dollar failure.

Like always, the law abiding gun owners are the losers here. We have been screwed by politicians and the media for the last 20 years and sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Article originally published at and reproduced with the author’s permission.


A Shadowy Government Group Is Planning To Take Your Guns, Again

If you thought that firearms legislation in Australia couldn’t get any more ridiculous, you’d be wrong!

Tasmanian Police have sent out out a communication stating that any firearm that looks scary would be classified as a Schedule 1 Firearm and would not be registerable. This applies to all firearm categories.

Lets look at what a Schedule 1 firearm is and how they are going to use it to screw over the licensed, law abiding shooter.

  1. Any machine gun, sub-machine gun or other firearm capable of propelling projectiles in rapid succession during one pressure of the trigger.
  2. Any self-loading rim-fire rifle.
  3. Any self-loading centre-fire rifle.
  4. Any self-loading shotgun.
  5. Any pump action shotgun.
  6. Any firearm that substantially duplicates in appearance a firearm referred to in item 1.
  7. Any firearm to which there is attached any article or device capable of muffling, reducing or stopping the noise created by firing the firearm.
  8. A pistol that is of a reduced or an abridged size.
  9. Any firearm or part of a firearm which has a dimension less than the prescribed minimum dimension.
  10. A prohibited pistol.
  11. Any ex-military firearm that is a firearm in relation to which a firearm license may not be issued.
  12. Any ordnance.

Tasmanian Police have released a “Guide to Schedule 1″ document. This is what it contains:

In consultation with the Department’s ballistics experts, the following features have been identified as contributing to whether a firearm substantially duplicates a firearm as referred to in Item 1 of the Schedule:
Guide to Schedule 1(6) of the Firearms Act 1996 (Prohibited Firearms)
Advice from Tasmania Police on How to Categorise Firearms
Guide to Schedule 1(6) of the Firearms Act 1996 (Prohibited Firearms)

  • Pistol grip
  • Fore-end shroud
  • Detachable extended magazine shroud or similar
  • Skeleton/folding/adjustable stock.

The presence of one or more of the above features on a firearm will result in an assessment and may result in it being categorized as a prohibited firearm. To assist with interpretation of how such an assessment and categorization may occur, examples are provided below, depicting firearms that are considered to fall under the classification of Schedule 1(6).

Now lets look at their example of a firearm that would be categorized as a Schedule 1 firearm, and one that isn’t.

Above is the Ruger Precision Rifle. It is a standard bolt action rifle that has many features that shooters like including an adjustable ergonomic stock, ambidextrous safety catch, pistol grip that gives better control, detachable magazine and a rail system that allows for the fitting of torches and night vision/thermal sighting equipment. The proposed legislative changes will make this rifle illegal to own because someone thinks it looks like a machine gun.

The rifle above is the Ruger American Predator rifle.  It is a standard bolt action rifle that uses the exact same action as the Ruger Precision Rifle. It also has a detachable magazine. The only difference is that it does not have an adjustable ergonomic stock and it does not have the pistol grip and barrel shroud. It functions in the exact same manner as the Ruger Precision Rifle, yet it will be 100% legal to own.

This seems to be legislation just for the hell of it. It’s not going to make any difference in the real world except to the licensed law abiding citizens.  Who is it that makes this crap up? The mentality of these gun grabbers is just ridiculous. It’s just as stupid as banning a HSV performance car because it has aerodynamic styling and more comfortable seats than the base model.

It is being proposed that all Australian states adopt these standards as a part of the NFA review.

The talk suggests that those who already own these firearms will be forced into another compensated confiscation scheme, aka buyback. If you don’t comply, its off to jail for you.

Now to the rest of the NFA review

A leaked 2005 document from the Firearms Policy Working Group (FPWG) further confirms that police and un-elected bureaucrats have been conspiring in secret to ban more of our guns. We have been in possession of this document for a while and it seemed like it had no support from the various state governments, until now.

The push for these changes is coming from the various state police representatives and the Attorney General’s Department.  We also believe that changes to Customs legislation will be used as another method of restricting certain firearms in much they same way the 7 shot Adler was. This is a sneaky way of restricting a firearm that is legal to possess under current laws.

Their plan is to re-categorize existing Cat A&B rifles that they deem to be a risk to public safety, or if they have a “military style” appearance. It doesn’t matter that these firearms aren’t used by a licensed gun owners in the commission of crimes. Whatever happened to evidence based policy?

We know they wish to re-categorize the following types of guns to Category C or D which will put them out of reach for all licensed Australians:

  • Rifles that have a ‘tactical’ appearance like the Ruger Precision Rifle, Barrett rifles, Warwick WFA1 straight pull etc. Basically any black rifle.
  • Pump action rifles such as the Remington 7615 & 7600 and similar
  • Lever action rifles with a capacity of more than 10 rounds (integral or detachable magazines)
  • Bolt action centrefire rifles with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds
  • Bolt action rimfire rifles with magazine capacity over 5 rounds
    (integral or detachable magazines)

There are many more in the list including “belt fed shotguns”. It’s pretty darn obvious that these changes are proposed by people that have no idea when it comes to firearms.

The FWPG meet and discuss changes to the National Firearms Agreement in secret and their agenda is hidden. There are consultations with industry and firearms groups but it’s nothing more than lip service.

Prominent groups such as Shooters Union Australia and Dr Samara McPhedran have all lodged freedom of information requests at both state and federal levels seeking the FPWG meeting minutes and draft changes to the NFA, but have been refused on multiple occasions.  This shadowy group is hiding behind “national security” clauses in the FOI act to prevent the information being released.

The Lindt Cafe siege and the threat of terrorism in general is going to be used as the justification to push further restrictions against us, the proven, law abiding citizens.

No amount of legislation will stop those that are evil or criminally insane, and punishing those that obey the law will not make one iota of difference.

How do we know this? Because Man Monis, the Sydney siege gunman was unlicensed and used an already illegal pump action shotgun that was illegally modified.

Contact your State & Federal MP’s and let them know that you are unwilling to accept these legislative changes, and that you will actively campaign against them if they support these ridiculous changes.

Article originally published at and reproduced with the authors permission. Thanks to Nioa Australia for permission to use the images.


The NFA Review – What are these people planning? Why are they keeping it a secret?

In the fight to improve the rights of gun owners, one can never be complacent. Gun owners must remain vigilant and push for as much information from government departments as humanly possible.

LAFO Inc. has received some negative responses after lodging some right to information requests (RTI’s) to the Queensland Police Service and their ministers office regarding information on the draft National Firearms Agreement (NFA) . Their reasons for refusal are below:

I have determined today to refuse access to the requested information pursuant to the provisions of section 47 (3) (b), section 49 and Schedule 4, Part 4, sections (1) (a)and (b) of the RTIA.
Section 49 of the RTIA provide that where an application is made for access to the
documents of an agency,
disclosure must be given unless such disclosure would be contrary to public interest. The proposed National Firearm Agreement (NFA) update is currently an agenda item at the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council (Police Ministers and Commonwealth AGD). I have considered all the factors favouring disclosure and nondisclosure.

I consider that the factors weigh more heavily in nondisclosure,
particularly the factors in Schedule 4, Part 4, sections (1) (a) and (b).
Sections (1) (a) and (b) provide that
disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to cause a public interest harm if disclosure could:
(a) Cause damage to relations between the State and anoth
er government;

Dr Samara McPhedran, Australia’s leading firearms researcher and chair of  the International Coalition of Women in Shooting and Hunting (IC-WISH) has also submitted a RTI request to the Federal Attorney-General’s Department, seeking the same information regarding the NFA review. Its no surprise to learn that Dr McPhedran received an almost identical response.

The most damning section of the AG Departments refusal to disclose the information included this admission.

A draft update to the National Firearms Agreement continues to be the subject of discussions between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories, and agreement on any update is yet to be reached.

So in other words, they are going to make changes, but they will keep them quiet until after the election so as not to piss off the 1 million law abiding gun owners.  It’s too late for that, the 1 million lawful gun owners are already pissed off. We are sick of being treated like potential criminals.

Can you trust a government that is secretly plotting against its citizens?

The biggest problem we face is that politicians come and go, yet the faceless bureaucrats remain.

We do know that the number of anti-gun public servants in the AG’s department is astounding and their bias was made crystal clear during the recent senate enquiry into handgun violence.

Their bias has also made Minister Keenan look like a complete fool with zero credibility. His department issued him with statements that are completely untrue. Perhaps Keenan will consult with some proper firearms experts in the future to avoid looking like a stooge that is being played to serve an anti-gun agenda.

One must remember that the NFA is a non-binding document. It is not a law.

The state governments are the major players here, as they define firearms legislation. If enough pressure can be placed on the states, they will have no option but to distance themselves from the review and reject it entirely.

Its safe to say that here in Queensland, there will be a push to make changes to handgun legislation as they are already starting to reject new applications and renewals for primary producers. Police Minister Bill “Ratshot” Byrne knows this, because he is being played as a stooge in much the same way as Keenan was with the Adler shotgun.

Lying Billy Byrne, Misleader of Parliament

His recent comments about farmers using handguns were absolutely disgusting. He ought to be ashamed of himself, and those who elected him should be ashamed also. He deliberately lied to Parliament when he stated that he had consulted with AgForce Qld when there had been none whatsoever.

Once again, anti-gun bureaucrats (in blue uniforms) are feeding ministers with misinformation.

Weapons Licensing Branch are using outcomes from QCAT hearings as a basis to reject an application for a license.

The police are hell bent on jamming through as many restrictions as possible on those that have proven time and time again to be law abiding.  This means that police are dictating policy or quasi laws. This is why the authorised officers discretion must be removed from the act & regulations.

No doubt they will try to introduce their unwritten policies into the NFA review.

They need to be reminded that they are public servants and we are their employers.

If they were doing the right thing, they wouldn’t have anything to hide from us, yet they hide behind clauses in the FIOA & RTI legislation whilst preparing to bend us over the barrel all whilst laughing at us, the licensed law abiding shooters.


AgForce Queensland Fighting Back Against Poor Category H Occupational Use Policy

Click here to read how Agforce will support those that have been unfairly treated by Qld Weapons Licensing Branch


Primary Producers are not Criminals!

It’s time our government stopped treating law abiding gun owners as criminals in waiting!

Queensland Police Minister Bill Byrne’s response to a question asked by KAP’s Robbie Katter during question time was nothing short of a total insult to the primary producers of Queensland.

For decades, farmers have used handguns in the course of running their business without incident.

Click on the video link below and listen to this clueless politician waffle on about how he doesn’t think that farmers need “concealable weapons” and how he has consulted Ag-force  about the use of handguns on properties.

This is the same Bill Byrne that used guns inside his home to shoot rats/mice but he doesn’t want farmers to have a convenient firearm (handgun) for their daily use.

Law Abiding Firearm Owners Inc. can confirm that there have been no formal discussions between the minister (or representatives) and Ag-Force.  Could it be that the minister has deliberately mislead parliament on this matter?

Its a well known fact that he and his predecessor have purposely fobbed off shooting and industry groups for well over a year. When was this meeting held and who with?  Many in the shooting and primary production community would like to see the meeting minutes. Our guess is that there are none.

We call Bill out on his BS. Why not tell the truth?  The truth is in the below paragraph.

Qld Weapons Licensing Branch have implemented a new policy of rejecting handgun license applications and renewals simply because somebody there doesn’t want people to own handguns, even though there is provision for primary producers to own them in the Queensland weapons act.

Did the police tell the minister how he should think? Does the minister have a mind of his own? Is he capable of having an original and rational thought? Do the police have some dirt on the minister which forces him to act like a dill in parliament?  Dirt so good that would end his political career?

A large calibre handgun is an ideal firearm for rural use. Its small size means it is easy to carry on a belt, can be carried on all modes of transport including motorcycles, quad bikes, and horses. These aren’t generally used for the purpose of pest control, but are very convenient for euthanasing livestock and humanely dispatching kangaroos that are caught in fences etc. A properly holstered handgun is completely safe. In contrast, high powered rifles are heavy, cumbersome and present many dangers to farmers, especially to those that ride farm bikes.

The minister uses the term ‘weapon’. An inanimate object only becomes a weapon if it is used to cause harm to another person. Guess what Bill, farmers don’t use their handguns as weapons!

But there are police officers in WLB that don’t quite understand this. Apparently they are now experts on primary production. I wonder what the pass mark is for the animal husbandry exam they sit at the police academy?

This is why the authorized officer’s discretionary powers must be removed from the Qld Weapons Act.

Even though something may be perfectly legal, they can say no on a whim just because they don’t like it. Combine that with the power to influence their minister on these matters and you end up with a bureaucracy deciding how farmers should run their farm.

So much for elected representatives serving the people who voted them into power…..


Moral and Ethical Bankruptcy – The New Normal In Australian Journalism

Long ago, there were wordsmiths with integrity that reported on newsworthy events. The public trusted journalists to report fairly and objectively on the latest happenings. Sadly, those days are long gone.

A few weeks ago I was driving my car and pulled up behind a vehicle that was sporting a bumper sticker that read “Is it true or did you read it in the Courier Mail”.  It sure made me chuckle, mostly because of the absolute rubbish that passes as news in all of the News Ltd papers.

Lets go through an article that was published to the Courier Mail online version, today April 8, 2016. It just happens to be on the topic of a new to the Australian market, lever action shotgun called the Adler A110.  Lever action technology has been in use throughout the world since the 1870′s and it certainly doesn’t contain any new technology. Its just a lever action firearm like any other.

Do you see any deadly new technology in this shotgun? No? That’s because there isn’t any!

Here is the second paragraph of the article:

“Gun control experts fear the proliferation of the Adler A110 model due to loopholes will have deadly consequences, with more than 600 registered in Victoria since September.”

The first point I’d like to make is that the gun control activists are by no means experts on firearms. Most of them wouldn’t even know how a gun operates. The biggest lie is the ‘due to a loopholestatement.  There has never been a loophole.  Lever action shotguns have always been legal in Australia and without incident. So there is one lie right there.

Lets move on to the next lie in the article:

“The Turkish-made Adler A110 — which uses a lever ­action to load cartridges into the barrel — has many similarities to pump-action and semi-automatic firearms, but is classified as a shotgun.”

Many similarities to a pump action or a semi automatic firearm? Really?  What planet do these people live on? The only similarity is a tubular magazine. These can be found on just about any firearm action type.
A pump action allows the shooter to keep his finger on the trigger every time the action is cycled, a lever action does not.  As for it being classified as a shotgun, that’s because it is a shotgun.  A shotgun is a shotgun. It’s as simple as that. This paragraph is designed to create fear in the minds of those who know nothing about guns.

Lets explore some more shoddy journalism:

Gun control advocates argue the modified A110 — which can rapid-fire five 12-gauge cartridges — should also be classified as semi-automatic.

Wow, just wow. Lets call something a different name just because we don’t like it. Lets call a recreational fishing boat a guided missile destroyer to stop people from fishing.  This is an example of their brand of spin being applied to fool the broader audience.

Now read this garbage from Samantha Lee:

Gun Control Australia chair Samantha Lee said rapid-fire guns like the Adler shotgun should be banned, as they could fall into the hands of criminals.
“All guns start out legal before they become illegal either via theft or rogue gun dealers,” she said. “The Adler is no different. Its rapid-fire capability would place it at high value within the illicit market.

Samantha Lee is so worried about guns falling into the hands of criminals.  Best we disarm the police and army because its a known fact that their guns have fallen into criminal hands in the past. Is this the best argument they have?

The Adler would not be a choice for criminals for the exact same reason that the thousands of already legally owned lever action shotguns are not because criminals want small guns. You cant make an Adler small and still retain its 5 round capacity.

One of Samantha Lee’s favourite sayings, “rapid fire” is used once again.  A side by side shotgun can fire 10 rounds in the same time you can shoot 10 from an Adler!   Where’s the outrage Samantha Lee?

12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridges for the Adler A110. These are the same cartridges for use in any over/under, side by side, pump and semi automatic shotguns.  A shotgun is just a shotgun!! They all shoot the same ammunition. None are more powerful than the others!

The media keep on flogging this dead horse that we need more gun control in Australia. I can tell you that there is a large percentage of the population that wish to have the laws loosened, especially to allow firearms for self defence. Ordinary people don’t wish to be defenceless anymore. Here is a recent poll from

I bet they weren’t expecting this result.  This is a giant up yours to gun control advocates!

Creating fear in the community about a topic that is a non-issue is a poor journalistic practice. It seems that modern journalists are ethically and morally bankrupt. What kind of money does one receive for selling out their integrity and values?


Featured Article: Some Facts About Gun Registration You May Not Have Known

The “folly of gun registration” articles are reprinted here with the kind permission of the author, Derek Bernard, firearms researcher, shooter and businessman based on the Island of Jersey. The opening article is actually the sixth in the series and is the most relevant to Australia.

The Folly Of Gun Registration – Part One

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Video published with kind permission from Shooters Union Queensland

Updated: 09/12/2016

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